No 311      January 20


Geoff’s just been to see an osteopath,

‘cause his back it still does ache,

He’s told him to keep moving,

So I’m teaching him to bake.


This pandemic’s a lot to answer for,

The new things we have to try,

We’re trying to keep busy,

Just to help us get by.


You know what they say about kitchens,

And too many cooks,

If we start falling out,

He’ll have to learn from books.


I had a baking session,

With my great granddaughter, she’s six,

At least Geoff is big enough,

To reach the bowl to mix.


Well all the top chefs seem to be,

Men, I don’t know why,

It’s women that do most of the cooking,

And all their food supply.


You never know, when we get back,

And the food’s set out at Shelf,

We may have to put Geoff’s picture up,

Saying all made by myself.