No 313     January 22     


Weíve always loved Crown Green Bowling,

Both bowled at County level,

But because of aches, pains and growing old,

Weíve stopped, itís such a devil.


But when we go to our timeshare,

Itís in Tenerife and itís warm,

They have a bowling green there,

And we try to perform.


They have doubles Mondays and Thursdays,

New friends we always meet,

We always have a bit of fun,

I was worried I couldnít compete.


I was partnered with a young lad,

Heís actually about 30 but only looks 15,

We won our first game, then the next,

We played quite well, we were both quite keen,


We actually won the competition,

We were both over the moon,

The oldest and the youngest,

Were champions that afternoon.


We both got a bottle of bubbly,

And then bucks fizz and some of my cakes,

Yes, even in Tenerife,

They love what Celia bakes.