No 314     January 23     


I’ve been with the same surgery,

For over sixty years,

The original doctors were the best,

Some now drive me to tears,


Drs Lillian & Robert Rattray,

Came from Scotland to work here,

Dr Lillian was so gentle,

Her husband you did fear.


The name they gave the surgery,

Some thought it a disgrace,

They called it “Kilmeny”,

It brought a smile to many a face.


When I thought I was pregnant,

My first baby, I wasn’t sure,

I arrived at the surgery,

They were queuing at the door.


Things were moving very slow,

Dr Robert came to see,

“Put your hand up if you want a doctor”,

And there was only me.


He said, right all you lot,

“Get out” and locked the door,

He said, you come with me my girl,

That lot don’t want a cure.


In those days to be off work,

You needed a sick note,

Dr Robert wouldn’t give them out,

So Dr Lillian got their vote.


He put terror into many,

But he was so good to me,

If I called him, day or night,

There he’d always be.