No 316     January 25     


We’ve been in such a long time now,

We’ve to find new things to do,

I’ve said this to you from the start,

I think it’s helped a few.


Well the latest project I have got,

Should interest you, that’s for sure,

I’m teaching Geoff how to bake,

You may be trying Geoff’s cake, not Celia’s anymore.


It’s just another thing to do

You’ve got to pass the time,

He’s taken to this baking “lark”,

It looks as good as mine.


So if Geoff can do it, so can you,

The end result’s so satisfying,

You’ll never know how good it feels,

If you do not get trying.


Flower arranging’s definitely out,

And knitting’s not to be,

So the baking we must stick to,

But he’d better not boss me.


When we made the crumble,

It really made me think,

He was doing the baking,

And I was in the sink.