No 317     January 26     


We hear from all you bubbles,

We look forward every day,

We love to know youíre all OK,

And what youíve got to say.


Sometimes you tell us what youíve done,

And where you may have been,

Well Geoff and I are coping,

Weíve found a good routine,


The poem goes on each morning,

Youíll see it when you wake,

My inspirationís all been typed,

And his timing he wonít break,


Then itís time for breakfast,

Sometimes outside itís dark,

Over breakfast we have a bet,

On the first one to remark.


We start to do our daily tasks,

We have a big house to clean,

With all these lockdowns we have had,

Itís the cleanest itís ever been.


Donít get me wrong, I love it clean,

And always have it nice,

But there is only two of us,

Some jobs may get done twice.


We have our evening meal,

And go into our little bar,

We play games a bit and talk,

We donít have to move far.


But thatís how our life seems to be,

We do the best we can,

Youíve got to plan your day out,

While we are in this ban.