No 318     January 27     


Although itís been a month now,

Geoffís backís no better yet,

Heís still visiting the osteopath,

No improvement does he get.


My back is really bad now,

24 / 7 Iím in pain,

We usually share the work load,

Right now itís such a strain.


Geoff does all the vacuuming,

At the moment heís been banned,

Thereís neither of us able,

We find it hard to stand.


But me being so stupid,

I thought it must be done,

So Geoff carried the vacuum down the steps,

And I brushed everyone,


I managed the steps no problem,

Although weíve nearly 40,

I realise now that Iím in pain,

I shouldnít have been so naughty.


I just canít use my right hand,

The pain is hard to bear,

As no-one comes inside the house,

Doing the steps, whoís going to care.


I really am in so much pain,

Canít write a poem for you,

So Iím dictating them to Geoff,

I know heíll pull us through.