No 319     January 28     


When I was young we’d no TV,

No video games to play,

I used to sit and talk to mum,

Loved what she had to say.


She’d tell me of her childhood,

The oldest one of ten,

She had so many jobs to do,

It was really hard back then.


She told me how she went to school,

After a morning in the mill,

Then home again to do the chores,

The work her days did fill.


Then she was put into service,

At a big house she was the maid,

She had to work long hours,

Not much money was she paid.


The lady who owned the house,

Had two daughters of her own,

They didn’t bother with my mum,

In fact they would disown.


Whenever the mother answered the door,

The daughters would run after her,

My mother was quite curious,

And hid under the stair.


Along came mum to answer the door,

With the daughters not far behind,

My mother couldn’t believe it,

When the answer she did find.


The lady of the house was large,

That’s why the daughters had to run,

To pull her dress down at the back,

As it was still stuck inside her bum.


This happened very often,

My mother had to hide,

When she watched the procedure,

She laughed until she cried.