No 32   April 18



       Weíve been in nearly 5 weeks now,

       And it has gone quite fast,

       We really do have no idea,

       How long itís going to last.


       Iíd say that weíre doing well,

       Actually quite tremendous,

            The only thing thatís upsetting me,

            My hair, it looks horrendous.


            I wash and put the rollers in,

            And some knots I have to tug,

            And when I take the rollers out,

            It looks just like a rug.


            You canít go to any classes,

            And you canít stop your feet from hitching,

            The choreographers are still teaching,

            They do it from their kitchen.


            So switch on your laptop,

            And I think that youíll find,

            You can still watch all the teaching,

            And not be left behind.


            As you know I canít dance now,

            And with this embarrassing head of hair,

            I now can sit and dance away,

            From the comfort of my chair.


            So though I want to meet you all,

            With my hair it will have to begin,

            Or unfortunately for everyone,

            Iíll just have to stay in.