No 320      January 29    


Very soon it will be spring,

The flowers will be out,

For us it may be different,

There’s still a lot of doubt.


But we have come a long way,

All my bubbles did their bit,

Most have stayed inside to help the cause,

And still try to keep fit.


I do think it will feel so strange,

When our freedom we are given,

When we meet all our friends,

If we social distance, I’m sure we’ll be forgiven.


We’ve had to learn a new way of life,

To help us to survive,

By doing what the experts say,

We’ll pull through and stay alive.


Don’t take this Covid lightly,

There’s a killer on the loose,

The rules are there to help us,

Not like some who just refuse.


Of course we know they’re stupid,

In the end they’re going to find,

If they’re going to beat this killer,

They’ll have to change their mind.