No 321         January 30


Iím writing this poem with sadness,

No CBAís this year,

What will I do when I canít meet,

The friends I hold so dear.


Iíve tried to keep in touch with them,

My poems Iíve sent each day,

A bubble Iíve created,

It seemed the only way.


I just love The Awards,

But sometimes Iím in a mess,

Iíve trouble being the right size,

To wear my special dress,


The Norbreckís full of celebrities,

And when they do the show,

I feel so very privileged,

Because most of them I know.


I did not put that very well,

So let me make amends,

Although I really know them all,

Iím honoured theyíre my friends.


So this year letís see whatís in store,

Although itís been a mess,

I know theyíll do the best they can,

And I canít wait to see Bettyís dress.