No 322         January 31


I was invited to the CBAs,

What an honour that has been,

To be up there with all the stars,

No-one knows how much this means.


Of course itís not for dancing,

But for the poems youíve read each day,

I think itís for my perseverance,

At finding what to say.


I hope the book will soon come out,

Itís taking a long time,

It is really quite a thick book,

And every page does rhyme.


It tells of this pandemic,

And what we all went through,

And how the poems kept us in touch,

Words from our friends we all could view.


This book will bring back memories,

Of the lockdowns and the grief,

And hopefully when we get through,

Iíll write of our relief.


At the moment thereís just one book,

But nearly enough for two,

I hope the end will not be long,

Ďcause itís long overdue.