No 323         February 01


For everyone 2020 was dreadful,

It was an awful year,

But for me Iíve been so lucky,

And one that Iíll hold dear.


I created a big bubble,

To keep us all together,

It has worked really good,

And a poem I donít miss ever.


We appreciate your loyalty,

Geoff and me you did support,

All through this pandemic,

Weíve had something that canít be bought.


But for me itís brought some highlights,

Six invites for a radio show,

And very soon weíll have a book,

When we get it Iíll let you know.


So from my little poems each day,

And for all you keeping in touch,

I canít believe at 84,

2020 brought so much.


I was invited to the CBAís,

That was such an honour,

To be among the dancing elite,

Was a pleasure like no other.


My videoís gone across the world,

Seen by my friends across the pond,

I feel like Cinderella,

Iíve been touched with a magic wand.


Please feel part of this achievement,

Weíve never been apart,

These poems have kept us all in touch,

Weíve been together from the start.