No 324         February 02


Years ago I used to bowl,

I bowled at county level,

But now I just can’t do it,

This back is such a devil.


I joined a Pairs competition,

My partner was very small,

It was the Huddersfield Pairs,

We won it and beat them all.


The club wanted a photograph,

To a professional we did go,

He said he’d like to express the difference,

You’ll be high and she’ll be low.


He sat me on some stupid tins,

With Maureen by my knee,

She looked just like a puppet,

I wanted no-one else to see.


But up we went in the Hall of Fame,

And stayed up there for years,

The Hall of Fame was above the bar,

We looked better after a dozen beers.


The club kept getting broken into,

Locks and windows to repair,

They took money and all the spirits,

But our picture was still there.