No 326         February 04


The days are long,

And we’re stuck inside,

I never thought I’d appreciate,

To the shops a little ride.


Geoff’s just got our new passports,

I love his optimism,

We’ve just put them in a drawer,

‘cause here we are in prison.


Don’t get me wrong, we should be here,

We all must try our best,

Let’s just hope the lunatics,

The police will soon arrest.


Those passports sitting in the drawer,

Make me think of where we’ve been,

We’ve been so many places,

On travel we are both keen.


Well memories are one thing,

Oh how should I just put it,

Although they are so wonderful,

For me they just don’t cut it.


I want to go to Marco,

In the airport, a wheelchair I must use,

But it will not stop me going,

I simply just refuse.