No 327         February 05


If we were in normal times,

Quite worried we would be,

Youíll soon realise what I mean,

If you just bear with me.


Weíll all feel really very mad,

We missed the church today,

Oh I forgot, it is alright,

 Itís only Saturday.


Each day when we wake up,

The first thing in our head,

Itís not what is for breakfast,

But to think what lies ahead.


Well, we donít know what day it is,

But do we really care,

Our diary is empty,

Weíre not going anywhere.


The house is clean and tidy,

Weíre so sick of TV,

Have we really got 3 months of this,

Round the bend weíre going to be.


I suppose we could read Celiaís poems,

See what comments have been made,

I suppose that I could join in,

And my comments may be displayed.


Iíve got something to look forward to,

The time passes without trouble,

Iíve joined a whole new family,

Iím now in Celiaís Bubble.