No 328         February 06


The vaccines are flying out,

Geoff had his today,

I’m praying that this does mean,

We’ll soon be on our way.


It will seem strange for all of us

When we are not given orders,

And we can go just where we want,

‘cause they’ve not closed the borders.


Now I may recognise you,

Without a mask upon your face,

All we could see were clothes and eyes,

But the person we couldn’t place.


We may get to the caravan,

And of course The Pleasure Beach,

Another little one is ready,

So she will need a teach.


We’ve another 2 little ones,

Poppy and Beau,

They missed The Pleasure Beach last year,

Let’s hope this year we can go.


Of course Leah will be seven,

Her sister she’ll love to teach,

But heaven help us when we go,

If for The Big One she can’t reach.


She’s absolutely fearless,

And The Big One’s been her goal,

Unfortunately the man sent her back,

She’d got trainers with a thicker sole.


I don’t think it will happen,

When at last they do release,

Fitting in all our family,

I just might need some peace.