No 329         February 07


The nights are getting lighter,

Thatís a sign that Spring is near,

But up to now no-oneís told us,

When weíll get out of here.


I think weíre all fed up now,

And getting to the end of our tether,

At least we can perhaps get out,

If weíre blessed with some good weather.


Summer makes you think of holidays,

I donít know why I said that,

Iíve thought about nothing else,

By some pool Iíve dreamt I sat.


Letís face it itís been almost a year now,

Still waiting for the day,

When we can put this behind us,

And just get on our way.


Weíll look on it as an experience,

One we could have done without

Itís taken far too many lives,

Of that there is no doubt.


This isnít a happy poem,

But then weíre short of good news now,

Iíll put my thinking cap on,

And bring you a smile somehow