No 33   April 19


            Corona-virus is something’

            I seem to have left out,

            That’s because this is something,

            I don’t know much about.


            It really is just like a war,

            It’s killing people every day,

            We’ve got to all take notice,

            And in our homes must stay.


            We can’t get to see our friends,

            And some live all alone,

            The best thing we can do for them

            Is keep contact on the phone.


            The NHS are wonderful,

            With bravery hard to define,

            Working unconditionally,

            With their lives upon the line.


            It’s hard to tell what day it is,

            And they seem to get much longer,

            But believe me when we’ve won this fight,

            We will end up so much stronger,


            I know you will be thinking,

            Of the first thing you will do,

            When we get that message,

            We are releasing you.


            You may just be happy shopping,

            Others may want to take a flight,

            I know there’s many of you,

            Who’ll go dancing every night.


            But then there is that special day,

            That we’ve been waiting for,

            To see all our little ones who may think,

            We look different from before.


            This could be quite upsetting,

            And not just as we planned,

            But our hearts are going to burst with joy,

            When we take that little hand,


            When we last saw them,

            Some could not even walk,

            Now they’re not only walking,

            They’ve even learned to talk.


            There’s one thing we must have learned,

            Never ever ever say never,

            We’ll have beaten Corona-virus,

            Because we worked together.