No 330         February 08


Most of you will remember,

The days of Tupperware,

You were invited to a party,

Your money you’d prepare.


One of my daughters,

Took it on full time,

She did all the recruiting,

For a long time she did fine.


Every month she got a prize,

For the new girls she had taught,

I should have got one as well,

For everything I bought.


We all used to go bowling,

And sandwiches I would pack,

Of course they were in Tupperware,

Different containers for each snack.


One day someone let out a scream,

When she came up she was quite rude,

She said all my sandwiches have gone,

Your kids have had our food.


Actually it was a good job I knew her,

She was at school with me,

My kids had eaten all her food,

So I gave her all our tea.


I really couldn’t blame the kids,

The Tupperware looked like mine,

I think they enjoyed what she’d packed up,

But she’d got mine and I’d to pine.