No 331         February 09


Following on from yesterdayís poem,

As it seemed to go down well,

I seem to have hit the spot,

You all had tales to tell.


Well, as you know I bake a lot,

The cupboardís full of Tupperware,

I just love all of it,

I was about to get a scare.


I always use the baking bowl,

You know, the orange one.

It was leaking at the bottom,

Good gracious, what had I done.


Well when I looked inside it,

To have a little scout,

There was a hole in the bottom,

Iíd gone and worn it out.


Well the guarantee was for twenty years,

Or it might have just been ten,

Itís been so long since I got it,

I canít remember when.


So now Iím looking through the comments,

To see who bought a lot,

To see if youíve one in the cupboard,

That you have just forgot,


So if you just donít use it,

I know someone who will,

Ha ! I think I got you there,

Itís for Geoff and his new skill.