No 333         February 11


A lot of people out there,

Think this lockdown is all bad,

Weíre trying to beat a killer,

The worst weíve ever had.


Itís already taken many lives,

And itís ready to take more,

Unless we dig our heels in,

And jump in there before.


You may not agree with Boris,

But as Iíve said before,

He is just the front man,

And has to let us know the score.


Before you start to grumble,

About what he tells all you,

Just think if you were in his place,

What miracle could you do.


The man is only human,

Heís not got a magic wand,

So start to follow all the rules,

And try to understand,


The situationís serious,

Weíve got to do our bit,

Letís just hope these idiots,

Their brains it might have hit.