No 335        February 13


Always be the Best of Friends,

When will these days ever end,

We’re tied in, we can’t go out.

This year’s bad, there is no doubt.


Always be the Best of Friends,

We’re slowly going round the bend,

Our holidays we’ve put on hold,

We’re just doing as we’re told.


They’re working overtime in labs,

We’re all relying on these jabs,

We’re hoping soon he’s going to say,

Our children can go out to play.


The schools are closed so no work’s done,

When can we get this battle won,

We can’t pretend that it’s been fun,

We’re just doing what’s to be done.


So always be the Best of Friends,

For all these months we’ll make amends,

Then I can shake you by the hand,

And live our lives as we had planned.


One day soon we’ll meet again,

Don’t even ask, I can’t say when,

Let’s say goodbye to C 19,

What a disastrous time this has been.