No 34   April 20


            For over a month now,

            Iíve written poems for you,

            I say for you, but really,

            It helps Geoff and me get through.


            When Iíve written another poem,

            Geoffís fingers will get going,

            Then he will put the poems on line,

            To how many, weíre not knowing.


            Then of course we look on line,

            It helps to pass our day,

            It certainly gives us both a boost,

            With the lovely things you say.


            Although weíve had to be inside,

            And donít know when this will end,

            We feel very lucky,

            Every day brings a new friend.


            From when we started doing this,        

            The numbers have increased,

            Many more are reading them,

            We both are very pleased.


            We may not have carried on,

            But everybody says,

            Please donít stop, we enjoy them,

            They brighten up our days.


            So while I can get my head in gear,

            And think of something new,

            Iíll be putting pen to paper,

            For a verse to send to you.