No 35   April 21


            Yesterday I made a flapjack,

            Not thinking of myself,

            Iíve got to keep my hand in,

            To bring your treats to Shelf.


            I know when we get out of here,

            I will not look myself,

            My hairís like a mad professor,

            But Iíve looked after my health.


            Iíll have a few more wrinkles,

            These adverts I canít abide,

            The models are only 20,

            With nothing there to hide,


            They say they have a magic cream,

            This special wrinkle cream,

            Just slap it on your face at night,

            And youíll look like a dream.


            Iíd say more like a nightmare,

            The wrinkles havenít gone,

            Iíll pretend mine are only laugh lines,

            And I feel 21.