No 36   April 22


            When we came back from the caravan,

            Knowing we could not go out,

            Our minds were both in turmoil,

            Not knowing what it was about,.


            I just could not believe it,

            2 weeks was too extreme,

            Over 70s were too vulnerable,

            To me this was obscene,


            This then turned into 4 weeks,

            Now its even more,

            At first I thought I cant do this

            Life will be such a bore.


            We were given instructions,

            And told just what to do,

            It proves that when its a necessity,

            It brings out the best in you.


            Were all giving 100%,

            Going out is a definite ban,

            Weve got the great NHS,

            Doing all they simply can.


            Ive always hated gardening,

            But now Im really keen,

            And it goes without saying,

            The house has never been so clean.


            So until weve won this battle,

            Well have to see it through,

            And live our lives accordingly,

            And find other things to do.


            So when we finally get released,

            And we are oh so glad,

            A little voice inside our head,

            Will say, it wasnt bad