No 37   April 23


            Brilliant, Awesome, Wonderful,

            I seem to be all that,

            Iím glad we donít wear cowboy clothes,

            Iíd not get in a hat.


            Iím really not big headed,

            I just said that to tease,

            Iím just happy, for a short while,

            Your burden I can ease.


            I sympathise with those on their own,

            It really must be lonely,

            But rest assured, just look on line,

            Thereíll be a message from yourís truly,


            It isnít very much to ask,

            A message sent by me,

            But with the situation now,

            Itís the best thereís going to be.


            Tonight from our doorsteps,

            As one we will become,

            Just get your pan lids, make some noise,

            For the wonderful Captain Tom,


            He walks around his garden,

            Wears his medals with pride,

            Heís helping out our NHS,

            With every single stride.


            So in honour of this hero,

            His bravery we must reward,

            With recognition in our hospitals,

            With his name upon a ward.