No 38   April 24


            When I have written another poem,

            It finds Geoff work to do,

            We’ve done so much around the house,

            The jobs are getting few,


            He really loves to help me,

            It gives him so much pleasure,

            I just sit back and watch him,

            Oh, have I got a treasure.


            We love to send the poems to you,

            And keep in touch each day,

            I’ve got to think of something new,

            A few get thrown away.


            That’s because they are not good enough,

            For the following I’ve got,

            If I don’t send a good one,

            You’ll think I’ve lost the plot.


            They’ve been called “brilliant”

            There’s been a few excellents to my name,

            The poems now mean so much to you,

            I’ll have to up my game.


            We both know we’ve got many friends,

            Thank you for your support,

            So we’ll carry on just as we are,

            Until we can abort.