No 39   April 25


            Not so many weeks ago,

            A killer came to light,

            We were asked to stay inside,

            So the killer they could fight.


            We were asked to wash our hands more,

            And use sanitizer in between,

            This is another way to help the cause,

            About this they’re very keen.


            This was affecting all the world,

            They had a mega task,

            Asking us to stay at home,

            Was not a lot to ask,


            Most people took this seriously,

            But a few just didn’t try,

            They’re putting all our lives at risk,

            I’d like to know “Just Why”,


            It really was just frightening,

            They said if you got it you would die,

            Well, our Prime Minister has proved to us,

            That this was just a lie.


            Although we’ve had to stay inside,

            We found different ways to cope,

            With the help of the wonderful NHS,

            We know we’ve still got hope.


            Until they’ve caught this killer,

            We’ve got to carry on,

            We don’t want to be released,

            Until we know it’s gone.