No 40   April 26


            I have a sat-nav in my car,

            It tells me where to go,

            How I ever coped without it,

            I will never know.


            Even when Iím parking,

            And I could truly curse,

            It tells me where Iím going wrong,

            It should have been reverse.


            Even at the traffic lights,

            I must stop on red I know,

            But a little voice is telling me,

            Wait for green before you go.


            Iíve no sense of direction,

            I was never given one,

            Well I suppose I could have been,

            But now itís up and gone.


            So what I should be doing,

            Instead of a little nap,

            Is brushing up my knowledge,

            And studying a map.


            So now my sat-navs out of work,

            Weíre on week number five,

            Thatís one thing Iím not missing,

            Thatís having not to drive.