No 41   April 27


            When Ive to think about these poems,

            I just can not be hurried,

            I know that weve got extra days,

            And some are getting worried.


            I could not stop these daily poems,

            I know they bring a smile,

            I said Id do it every day,

            So Ill go that extra mile.


            Some of you have said to me,

            That I should write a book,

            Well you may all miss out at Shelf,

            Ill have forgotten how to cook.


            These poems just make our days fly by,

            Thats what its all about,

            Wed better not love it so much,

            We dont want to come out.


            It may be only 3 oclock,

            When I get out of bed,

            But instead of starting baking,

            I write a poem instead.