No 42   April 28



            I think we’re now pulling together,

            And we’re all getting stronger,

            And to get things back to normal,

            The isolation may be longer.


            I feel sorry for the people,

            Living on their own,

            The loneliness is dreadful,

            But for us it’s been unknown.


            We’ve missed our families, of course we have,

            On that we’re not too keen,

            But otherwise we’re happy,

            And got a good routine.


            We’ve got all our jobs done,

            And everything looks fine,

            It seems the way we’re living,

            Has taken us back in time.


            Today we live at such a pace,

            Dog walkers for our pets,

            Love your life, be happy,

            Don’t leave here with regrets.

            So look for all the things we’ve learned,

            You’ll have no hesitation,

            In finding some advantages,

            For further isolation.