No 43   April 29


            Today’s a little different,

            About my poems I must report,

            You really help to spur me on,

            With your wonderful support.


            It makes me feel I’m helping,

            To keep us all in touch,

            In these dreadful times we’re going through,

            This does mean so much.


            When I see your likes and comments,

            I want to give you applause,        

            Because in our small way,

            We’re helping with this cause.


            Everyone is suffering,

            Of that there is no doubt,

            The problem is it’s something,

            We don’t know much about.


            We listen every day for news,

            And most of it is bad,

            But rest assured the day will come,

            When we will all be glad.


            So hang on in there all of you,

            Better days will come you’ll see,

            Not only will we be released,

            From the virus we’ll be free.


            So I would like to thank you all,

            True friends you’ve proved to be,

            We’re helping one another,

            Many thanks from Geoff and me.