No 44   April 30


            We’re managing to cope so well,

            The change in us sensational

            I think that you may find, as I did,

            It is quite educational.


            We’re trying to fight a battle,

            And all pulling together,

            For some of us these next few months,

            Will change our lives forever,


            Normally when we had to work,

            Drag ourselves out of bed at seven,

            Right now it doesn’t matter,

            If you stay in til eleven.


            We’ve got to find new things to do,

            To get on with our life,

            It’s the only way to get through this,

            If you want to survive.


            The ready meals in supermarkets,

            Were tempting, that is true,

            But now we’re cooking our own meals,

            It’s something else to do.


            Both of us hated gardening

            You could say nothing we did know,

            Right now it’s looking beautiful,

            It’s the only place we go.


            We used to get fed up of work,

            Couldn’t wait for Friday to end,

            “Thank goodness it’s here again,

            That wonderful weekend”.


            Well now every days a weekend,

            We were better with just one,

            The happiness it brought us,

            Has well and truly gone.                                        


            On Saturday we’d a “Virtual Party”,

            Our family were on line,

            We didn’t move out of the house,

            But had a damn good time,


            The queues at shops are terrible,

            So we’ve got to make it pay,

            Get every single thing we need,

            We can’t stand another day.


            I really can’t wait to get out,

            I’m fed up with this strife,

            But if I could get out right now,

            It would be a perfect life,


            Life really as it used to be,

            Not much traffic flying past,

            I’d like the world to slow down,

            Is that too much to ask.