No 45   May 01


            I think I have found something,

            No please donít start to scoff,

            When you read my poem today,

            Youíll see it could take off.



            Something goodís come out of this,

            Virtual parties are the rage,

            The host doesnít provide food or drink,

            Even though we all engage.


            For the guests no new dresses,

            No taxis to get there,

            No taxis to get home again,

            And the drink prices donít scare.


            Invite as many as you like,

            No need to stand all night,

            And going for another drink,

            Doesnít have to be a fight,


            I think that this could take off,

            And numbers quite exceed,

            A voucher in a birthday card,

            Then they get what they need.


            The floor isnít full of dancers,

            We can try out a new move,

            No-one is going to laugh at us,

            If we get in the groove.


            Instead of all the shouting,

            And loud music in your head,

            When you feel youíve had enough,

            Itís ďRight Iím off to bedĒ.