No 46   May 02


            I know that we donít realise

            Or give it too much thought,

            But we will go down in history,

            For the battle we all fought.


            We werenít issued with weapons,

            Ďcause the killer we couldnít see,

            We were really like prisoners,

            Not allowed to go out free.


            At first it didnít seem much good,

            We saw no difference at all,

            The number of fatalities,

            Didnít seem to fall.


            The only uniform we had,

            Were gloves and a face mask,

            How long we were to be locked in,

            We just did not dare to ask.


            Working round the clock for us,

            Were the experts and NHS,

            Although we hadnít much to do,

            It seemed to cause us stress.


            I think the end of the tunnel,

            May be somewhere in sight,

            But itís not just round the corner,

            Weíll have to carry on the fight.


            We donít want to get out too soon,

            Be in hospital as a patient,

            Weíll just have to sit it out,

            And be the other kind of patient.


            So when the nightmare ends for us,

            Weíll party in the street,

            But donít forget the ďSocial DistanceĒ

            Donít go nearer than six feet.