No 47   May 03


            Sometimes we could do with a laugh,

            There’s not much chance just now,

            So I’ll tell you a true story,

            It made me laugh and how.


            My first husband had a greyhound,

            I was often left to feed,

            With four children to look after,

            It was something I didn’t need,          


            It had to have a walk each day,

            All the kids then pulled a face,

            But Bess needed her exercise,

            If she was going to race.


            She was a really stupid dog,

            And at the races was a pest,

            She turned around in the starting box,

            And went opposite the rest.


            One day when we were going out,

            Our daughter he said must walk,

            You must take her at least four miles,

            Kim could hardly talk.


            When we came back home he asked,

            Did you take her very far,

            She said “yes dad”, then whispered to me,

            “I took her in the car”.