No 48   May 04


            Not so many weeks ago,

            We had a normal life,

            It wasn’t always perfect,

            And occasionally there was strife.


            Then suddenly the world changed,

            Many people died,

            We were all given our orders,

            We had to stay inside.


            At first we didn’t believe it,

            And some weren’t even trying,

            But then we had to listen,

            As more and more were dying.


            We’ve now been in our homes for weeks,

            And I just can’t believe,

            In that short time that we have had,

            A new life we can receive.


            Your dance class could be from anywhere,

            A kitchen from down under,

            They’re getting normality in all our lives,

            These whizz kids are a wonder.


            My granddaughter had a party,

            Her sister was so clever,

            She had people joining from all over the world,

            We had the best time ever.


            So please let’s look on the bright side,

            And everything’s not lost,

            We’re going to win this battle,

            And we’ll do it at all costs,


            With the help of all the experts,

            And the wonderful NHS,

            We’ll just have to wait for answers,

            To get rid of all this mess.                                      


            So please try to think positive,

            With so much going on out there,

            I for one feel confident,

            We’ll survive because we care.