No 49   May 05


            You know I just need someone,

            To maybe say something,

            It gives me inspiration,

            For a poem to you Iíll bring,


            We know those on the front line,

            Theyíve got plenty on their plate,

            Without some silly person,

            Getting into a right state.


            One rang up because they were worried,

            Thereís strange people just outside,

            Theyíre looking through the window,

            I think Iíd better hide.


            They do look rather scruffy,

            And both have long white hair,

            Iíve not seen them round here before,

            Oh this is a nightmare.


            I am so sorry officer,

            As they walked passed the hut,

            Iíve realised itís my neighbours,

.           Their hairs not dyed or cut.