No 50   May 06


            Well Iíve managed 50,

            Thatís the poems Iíve written you,

            Because I have been locked up,

            Iíve had something to do.


            Most of you keep saying,

            Please donít make this your last,

            Of course I wouldnít do that,

            It may spoil your breakfast.


            When Geoff has put my poem on,

            I just sit and wait,

            Your likes and comments coming in,

            Just make me feel so great.


            I can just walk round the garden,

            Canít even go to town,

            But anyone who knows me,

            Knows I will not be kept down.


            This virus thing is dreadful,

            I hate it oh so much,

            But even that wonít stop me,

            From keeping you all in touch.


            Itís keeping us together,

            Iíll make this poetry pay,

            You all look on line each day,

            To see what Celiaís got to say.


            So please keep on reading,

            As this challenge I have made,

            And just ask Geoff, heíll tell you,

            Celiaís got to be obeyed.