No 51   May 07


            At the start of lockdown,

            I said Id write a poem each day,

            Not knowing for how long that would be,

            Or what on earth I was going to say.


            Well yesterday Id done fifty,

            And I feel oh so proud,

            Id shout your comments from the rooftops,

            If only I was allowed,


            Geoff and I have many friends,

            But the poems have added more,

            Weve many friends from around the world,

            But now more than before.


            Youve really done me proud today,

            I feel as high as a kite,

            You do know it would be your fault,

            If I dont sleep tonight.


            You know youve helped us pass the time,

            And weve enjoyed what weve done,

            So rest assured, there is no doubt,

            That well still carry on.