No 52   May 08


            The death rate has been dreadful,

            So what I say may shock,

            I think the world’s a better place,

            Since we turned back the clock.


            Yesterday when Geoff went shopping,

            He needed to ask a price,

            He said the girl who served him,

            Really was so very nice.


            In fact he said that everyone,

            Was lovely in the queue,

            They all stayed their distance,

            And wanted to talk to you,


            The roads are not so manic,

            Life seems to have slowed down,

            People are so happy,

            Just to get a trip to town.


            We’re all phoning our loved ones,

            Before, we had no time,

            I think if we had the figures,

            There’ll have been a drop in crime.


            We’re all trying to do our best,

            In this imposed isolation,

            We’re  starting to feel better,

            From the added relaxation.


            I really love young people,

            But there’s one thing I can’t bear,

            So many can’t complete a sentence

            Without having to swear.


            I’d really like less swearing,

            I don’t suppose there is much hope,

            If my mother had have heard them,

            She’d have washed their mouths with soap.