No 53   May 09


            I’ve got a lot of time right now,

            I remember when I was small,

            Life was Oh so different,

            That, I can recall.


            My dad was one of fifteen,

            My mother one of ten,

            They had so many problems,

            When could they eat again.


            Think of all the nappies,

            Drying around the fire,

            This must have been a full time job,

            Sleep was hard to acquire.


            Then the First World War broke out,

            The men were sent away,

            The women and children had to work,

            No chance for them to play.


            Often in a quiz game now,

            “Name of a battle” needed to score,

            Well the one that we are in right now,

            I’ll call “The Silent War”,


            We cannot see the enemy,

            But it’s taking many lives,

            Our officers give us orders,

            Then we’ll see who survives,


            So let’s try to remember,

            When they went to war back then,

            They hadn’t many weapons,

            It took lives of many men,


            Today we’ve all this technology,

            But where do we begin,

            When the enemy’s invisible,

            It’s proving hard for us to win.