No 54   May 10


            We’re not in a good place right now,

            We are waiting for the Prime Minister’s speech,

            He won’t be able to please us all,

            That place he’ll never reach.


            We’re all fed up with lockdown,

            But I’m sure you can see,

            From the figures on the death list,

            That’s how it’s got to be.


            We’ve now been in about 2 months,

            And the experts are still trying,

            To find us a solution,

            And stop all these people dying.


            We’ve got to help to fight this fight,

            And in our homes must stay,

            At least it’s not like other wars,

            When they were sent away.


            I know that we’re all fed up,

            And isolation isn’t fun,

            But if they let us out too soon,

            We’ll undo all we’ve done.


            We’re seeing people taken from us,

            It’s a situation very rare,

            But please keep sticking to the rules,

            There’s a killer still out there.


            So let’s all dream of better times,

            And keep up the endeavour,

            We know that we can get there,

            If we all stick together.