No 55   May 11


            I know that you all like a laugh,

            To help you get along,

            Well this is just a memory,

            From when my kids were young.


            One of my daughters went into hairdressing,

            This suited me just fine,

            I said I would be happy,

            If she practised it on mine.


            At that time boys were having perms,

            My son thought he’d have a change,

            His sister said she’d do it,

            But she thought he was deranged.


            When she’d got half the rollers in,

            He was having quite a fit,

            He said “I won’t be paying you”

            She said “ Right, I won’t finish it.


            So there he was half way through,

            He needed her just now,

            So he got his money out,

            Brother & sister had a row.


            When the perm was finished,

            He looked a “proper sight”,

            He went into his bedroom,

            And never came out again that night.


            Next morning he’d to go to work,

            He said “I look a freak”,

            We could not stop laughing,

            He kept his hood up for three week.