No 56   May 12


            About the note weve put above,

            We thought youd like to know,

            Were over the moon, both of us,

            Were to be on Ed Lawtons chat show.


            It will be on Move Radio,

            Thursday at half past two,   

            Wed love you all to tune in,

            Were there because of you.


            We started doing this poetry,

            To keep us all in touch,

            Not realising its popularity,

            When it took off so much.


            You all seemed to enjoy the poems,

            And gave us so much praise,

            I dont think that you realised,

            How you brightened up our days,


            So thank you all for your support,

            And it seems like its growing,

            Theres only one thing for it,

            Ill just have to keep going.