No 57   May 13


            When Geoff said we must stay in,

            I nearly had a fit,

            And now I think I’ve helped the cause,

            And really done my bit.


            My holiday was my first thought,

            I wouldn’t get my wish,

            I was just thinking of myself,

            I’m not usually so selfish.


            The rules were really needed,

            If we were to survive,

            So many people dying,

            We’ve got to help save life.


            They’re trying to get us out again,

            But they just must be sure,

            We wouldn’t want it to return,

            If they don’t have a cure.


            I think when they do let us out,

            We’ll be a little fearful.

            And hopefully have learned something,

            And in future be more careful.


            I’m thinking now of holidays,

            But it is very clear,

            If they had not had me locked up,

            I just might not be here,


            We may still be here a while,

            But I’ll not make a sound,

            I just feel very thankful,

            That I am still around.