No 58   May 14


            I was brought up during the war years,

            But my childhood was just right,

            My dad went to the local pub,

            With my mum I spent the night.


            When my dad came home each night,

            He had a lettuce sandwich,

            I know that things were bad back then,

            But I ask you “a lettuce sandwich”,


            One night we had no lettuce,

            My mum said never mind,

            I’ll take a look in the kitchen,

            And see what I can find.


            Well she found a cabbage,

            We’ll use a leaf of that instead,

            Your dad will never notice,

            He’ll soon be off to bed.


            Well when my dad came home that night,

            He looked at mum and me,

            As he ate his sandwich,

            He said “Is there something wrong with me”.


            He opened up his sandwich,

            Mum and I were in a fit,

            He looked at the cabbage leaf sitting there,

            And said “You’ve put no salt on it”.