No 59   May 15    


            Weíve all been fed up with lockdown,

            Donít know when weíll get out,

            But weíre not going anywhere,

            Ďtil they know what itís about.


            I think youíre going to hate me now,

            But I think lockdownís great,

            It got me on the radio,

            That, I did appreciate.


            I must admit I was nervous,

            For an hour it would be,

            But once I had got started,

            I could have talked for three


            Mr Ed was such a lovely man,

            Itís a wonder he didnít say,

            Celia will you please shut up,

            Whoís show is this anyway.


            Geoff was oh so proud of me,

            Last nights clapping he said would be,

            Half for the NHS,

            And the other half for me.


            So thank you all who listened in,

            Iíve got loads more things to say,

            Thatís why Iíll keep my fingers crossed,

            They may call me back one day.