No 60   May 16


            I suppose Iím feeling quite emotional,         

            From the comments you all made,

            But I am also feeling gratified,

            With the part my poems have played.


            When I listened to the playback,

            I couldnít stand my own voice,

            I feel sorry for the rest of you,

            Who have to listen to this noise.


            We were both really happy,

            It seemed to go so well,

            I was worried I might dry up,

            And not get my tales to tell.


            But you all know me better,

            In fact you know first-hand,

            I never do seem short of words,

            I could talk for all England.


            You all know Iíve got aches & pains,

            And I just hate to drive,

            But as long as I churn poetry out,

            You know Iím still alive.


            My minds always working overtime,

            And I know sometimes I surprise,

            But I know Iíd have a problem

            If Geoff asked for a rise.