No 61   May 17


            I know I shouldn’t do this,

            Think of holidays,

            I thought that you might do it,

            And think of better days.


            Right now it’s all we live on,

            Our memories from the past,

            But we must count our blessings,

            ‘cause that’s a thing that lasts,


            We’d probably go to the seaside,

            Of course with bucket and spade,

            And help to build a sandcastle,

            Which they all said “they made”,


            Then all the kids went their own ways,

            And we did our own thing,

            When we think back all those years,

            Happy memories it will bring.


            So if you feel a little down,

            Forget about this strife,

            And think of all the good things,

            That have happened in your life,


            I know that we’ve all had hard times,

            We’ll remember them as well,

            I know when we’ve lived long enough,

            We’ve all got tales to tell.


            You all say I should print a book,

            Well it would be a thriller,

            About how long I was locked up,

            But helped to beat this killer.